Fares & Facts

First session (à 50 min)         130,-/ 150,-
Individual therapy (à 50 min)     130,-
Family therapy (à 50 min) 150,-
Couple therapy (à 50 min)  150,-
Drafting the application for reimbursement of the psychotherapy units (beyond the 10th hour)  35,-
alle Preise in
A partial refund of (depending on the health insurance company) at least €31.50 per unit (ÖGK), €42.40 (BVAEB, SVS) can be granted by applying to the respective health insurance company as a result of my psychotherapeutic assessment.

Fully covered psychotherapy:
I am also offering fully covered psychotherapy session to a limited amount. Certain requirements are:
- registration in Lower Austria
- clients must be under the age of 19 or
- or positive official notice for psychotherapy for „REHA“ - clients

Payment methods:
Cash, Bank Transfer, Debit card, Credit card,

Bank data:
Mag. Theodor Haberhauer
UniCredit Bank Austria
IBAN: AT671200010019705341


Working solution focused and orientated on your resources, is also one major aspect of systemic therapy. I am going to work on your strengths and your accomplishments of the past, as well as your current point of views. It’s very important to point out all the successful accomplishments of the past to see the power within and the fire that might have been there before. Positivity might overcome the shade and new strategies might lead to a new direction. Change can be hard but exciting and welcoming sometimes.

Settings of therapy

Individual Therapy
Personal development, self-awareness or individual therapy for everybody who wants to discuss their concerns 1:1.

Individual Therapy

Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy
Couple conflicts and sexual or general concerns can be discussed individually with me or in a co- therapy setting with my colleague Kollegin Pia Födinger

Family Therapy

Family Therapy
Because everything is connected with each other and things are related, in this setting we can work all together as well as alternately with each individual.

Children & Adolescents Therapy

Children & Adolescents Therapy
I want to give children and young people a hearing. I focus on them and shed a light on their position and point of view within in the greater family context.